Sandbox testing

Validation API

Gympass provides a business safe and no-cost environment to check and validate all possible responses from the validation API endpoint at

You can simulate all the Validation API responses using the Get URL model and the response codes table, below on this page. The response codes table includes one PASS_NUMBER associated to each one of the code responses. Substitute the PASS_NUMBER variable on the Get URL to every response code you want to simulate.

GET - Validate Number


1curl -G -X GET \
2-d pass_number=1234321567890 \
3-d gym_number=3722 \
4-d pass_type_number=1 \
5-d auth_token='HftBtFODDUqO2qycgqVTiP0W'


If your request was processed by our API, then it will always respond with HTTP Status Code 200 and the following response body structure:

3 "status": {
4 "code": [code],
5 "description": "[description]"
6 },
7 "results": {
8 ...
9 }

These are the possible response codes the API can return given the respective inputs:

pass_numbercodedescriptionhas results
12343215678900Day pass validated successfullyyes
12343215678103Validation not done since it's a testyes
12312343215605The user already visited this gym todayno
123432156781110Comunication error. Please try again later.yes
000000000000011Invalid Daily Token number. Please try again.yes
123432156781212Validator not authorized. A pass is only valid at the gym it was bought for. Your email is not registered as a validator at the gym this day pass is valid for. If you think your email should be registered as a validator for this gym, contact your sales person or our support.only transaction_token
123432156781314This item is unavailable due to issues with payment. Current payment status is:yes
123432156781415This pass has already been completely used, and has no day passes left.yes
123432156781516This pass has already expired and can no longer be used.yes
223432156789017Confirm the user's identity and pass information before validating.yes
123432156788122Card not enabled, please call our support or enter our website to enable it.only transaction_token
123432156789123Please choose the gym.yes
123432156781627Person blocked. Please call our support to unblock the personyes
123432156788428Error approving customer's bank card. Please try again or call our support.only transaction_token
123432156789331Pass not found for this gym or person not allowed to auto-emit passes for this gym. Please call our
123432156788532This person has no available passes for this gymonly transaction_token
123432156789433Gym blocked due to attempt of incorrect validation. Please call our phone to unblock the gym.only transaction_token
123432156788738This person is not on the list of people allowed in this
123123432156639This person has been to this gym the maximum allowed number of times this
123123432156740This person has been to this gym the maximum allowed number of times this
123432156789645User hasn't checked in yetno
123432156789746User checked in to another gymno
123432156789847User Check In for this gym has expiredno
123123432156848Validation can not be done outside the opening hours of the gym. Please contact our customer service to update your opening hours, and validate customers only and always at the time of entry in the gym.yes
123432156789949Your Fitness Center can only perform validations by Check Inno
123432156788950The pass type number is not the same as the product chosen by the user at Check In or reservationyes
123123432156951The pass type number is invalid, or the user does not have access to this type of passyes