GET - Validate Number

This endpoint validate the entry of users at gyms and consequently generate transactions to be paid later to gyms.



1curl -G -X GET https://api.gympass.com/us/transactions/validate_number.json \
2-d pass_number=1234321567890 \
3-d gym_number=3722 \
4-d pass_type_number=1 \
5-d auth_token='HftBtFODDUqO2qycgqVTiP0W'
Required field. This is the user’s gympass_id with 13 digits, and the "value/option" will require previous check-in at the gym.
Required field. This is the ID of the gym you’re setting up. Choose it according to the list of gyms you manage.
Optional field Number of the product (1, 2, 3, etc.), in case the gym has more than one (for example, yoga, swimming). This is the same as the number of the product shown on the gym’s page. You can skip this field if you have only one product.
Required field. The auth token is a string that is generated for you and identifies you and the gyms you are allowed to validate products for. To request yours, e-mail us at relacionamento@gympass.com.


2 "status": {
3 "code": [code],
4 "description": "[description]"
5 },
6 "results": {
7 ...
8 }

The “results” response field is optional and mainly present in cases of success, check all the possible responses in Sandbox Testing Section

Response Body

codeIt's response code number, 0 if succeeded, otherwise greater than 0true
descriptionit's human-readable description of response statustrue
person_nameIt's human-readable name of the personfalse
gym_titleIt's human-readable name of the gymfalse
pass_type_titleIt's human-readable of the pass type that was validatedfalse
unique_tokenUnique 13-digit Gympass person token, that can identify a person at Gympass accross validations. It may be stored and later sent in the pass_number field to perform validations, but will require that the user checks in at the gym immediately before the validation attempt is made. Tokens with different sizes may be added in the future.false
transaction_tokenUnique 9-digit Gympass transaction token, that can uniquely identify this validation. Only returned if validation is successful. Tokens with different sizes may be added in the future.false

Return Codes

0Day pass validated successfully
3Validation not done since it's a test
5The user already visited this gym today
10Comunication error. Please try again later.
11Invalid Daily Token number. Please try again.
12Validator not authorized. A pass is only valid at the gym it was bought for. Your email is not registered as a validator at the gym this day pass is valid for. If you think your email should be registered as a validator for this gym, contact your sales person or our support.
14This item is unavailable due to issues with payment. Current payment status is:
15This pass has already been completely used, and has no day passes left.
16This pass has already expired and can no longer be used.
17Confirm the user's identity and pass information before validating.
22Card not enabled, please call our support or enter our website to enable it.
23Please choose the gym.
27Person blocked. Please call our support to unblock the person
28Error approving customer's bank card. Please try again or call our support.
31Pass not found for this gym or person not allowed to auto-emit passes for this gym. Please call our support.
32This person has no available passes for this gym
33Gym blocked due to attempt of incorrect validation. Please call our phone to unblock the gym.
38This person is not on the list of people allowed in this gym.
39This person has been to this gym the maximum allowed number of times this week.
40This person has been to this gym the maximum allowed number of times this month.
45User hasn't checked in yet
46User checked in to another gym
47User Check In for this gym has expired
48Validation can not be done outside the opening hours of the gym. Please contact our customer service to update your opening hours, and validate customers only and always at the time of entry in the gym.
49Your Fitness Center can only perform validations by Check In
50The pass type number is not the same as the product chosen by the user at Check In or reservation
51The pass type number is invalid, or the user does not have access to this type of pass