Should I always call the PATCH Booking endpoint even if the booking is rejected?

Yes, you must always let our system know if a booking was reserved or rejected, otherwise our system will automatically reject the booking after 15 minutes.

Can I create a unique class and slot for each one of my classes?


Are you able to bulk schedule a class(es)?

You can create multiple classes at one time using the POST Create Class endpoint - but will need to individually associate the slots to those classes using the POST Create Slot endpoint.

Do you have any rate limiting on your system?

Currently, 10k reqs/sec with a maximum burst of 5k simultaneous requests.

What is the action if your system doesn’t receive a response from us and what is the timeout length?

The response time is 1s. After that, if we have no response, we retry for 3 times immediately after the missed response.

How do you delete a class?

Currently you cannot delete a class but rather set its visibility parameter to false which will remove it from the Gympass app.

Will the class created using an integration be shown in the Class Scheduler?

No, only classes created via Class Scheduler will appear in the Class Scheduler interface.

How can I revoke/recreate the credential?

If you would like to have new credentials generated please reach out to managedservices@gympass.com.

How can I change my CMS integration?

Please reach out to your account manager who will walk you through the process.

How can I change the webhook or the secret from my integration?

Please reach out to managedservices@gympass.com.

How do I know if a CMS is integrated with Gympass?

Please, reach out our CX team to check.