Getting Started

Gympass has a check-in process to ensure a safe way for a partner to allow a valid access to its facilities. There are 2 alternatives you can use to implement our access flow:

Flow for non-integrated systems:

Usually, our user checks in using the Gympass app and you receive it on the validation page at Partner's Portal.

Gympass flow on non-integrated partners:


Integrated Flow

Gympass developed Access Control API in order to provide a way to integrate your access system with our check-in and validation process.

It allows an easier and integrated process:


With Access Control API you can leverage a seamless check-in validation fully integrated with your access system.


The authentication in Access Control API is done by an X-Api-Key. You have to provide it in every request you do with our API. It's a string that is generated for you and the gyms you are allowed to validate check-ins for. X-Api-Key will be provided by Gympass. To request your authentication token, contact your Gympass Representative.

Access Control API

Once the user performs a check-in on the Gympass app your system can use our Access Control API to confirm it. A check-in has an expiration time, which means that it must be validated in this given interval. When called, this API needs to send the gympass_id, which is the user’s unique number.

User Registration

In order to integrate check-in and validation, the user needs first to be registered in your system.

Required Data:

  • Gympass ID

Optional Data:

  • Name
  • E-mail

The user can find Gympass ID on the Gympass app, at the top left corner.


By the first time a user goes to your facility they need to be registered on your system with the information described above. This allows us to integrate their first and following check-ins with our Access Control API.

You must adapt your system to support Gympass user definition so the integration works smoothly.